December 31st is approaching, help your clients reach their goals for 2023

10th Jan 2024

Racing to the End of Year

The New Year is rapidly approaching and now may be a great time to reach out to your high-income clients and help them lock-in tax savings. There’s no time like the present to set up a plan for a qualifying client and end the year strong.  

Who may be a good candidate for a Defined Benefit (DB) plan?

Do you have clients like these?

  • Client is 35+ years of age
  • Client typically earns at least $100,000 annually in one of these ways:
    • Is a sole practitioner or owns business with family
    • Is self-employed as primary means of earning a living
    • Has a second occupation in which they work for themselves
    • Is considered an independent contractor
  • Client wants to annually contribute to their retirement more than the $66,000 allowed in a 401(k)/Profit Sharing Plan or the $6,500 allowed in a SEP, and
  • Client expects to be able to make that contribution annually for at least 3-5 years

Do you have any clients like these?

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