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Women in Business

Women face unique opportunities and challenges

More women than ever are working toward building successful careers, a goal that is often met with obstacles because of the unique challenges they face: family, professional acceptance and gender bias. These challenges are very familiar to us because a woman founded Dedicated Defined Benefit Services from her home and built it up to what it is today. Since many women don’t focus on retirement planning until later, high contribution retirement plans can help them catch-up and accelerate their retirement savings.

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Resources to Stay on Top of Your Game

Stay on top of industry trends by checking out our resources and news on women in business. This section will be updated frequently so be sure to visit often.

Defined Benefit Plans for High-Income, Self-employed Women

Defined Benefit and Cash Balance retirement plans allow women who are high-earning professionals, small business owners and those with self-employment income to make large tax-deductible contributions to their retirement each year. Are you an independent contractor? An online entrepreneur? A locum tenens physician? All these occupations may be eligible for a high contribution retirement plan, which is great option for people who want to save for retirement quickly and reduce taxes.
See how much you can save

Advantages of High-Contribution Retirement Plans for Women

Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans allow the highest annual contributions to retirement plans, often exceeding $150,000 annually for the small business owner.
These qualified plans allow you to put away money at an accelerated rate typically for 5-10 years – potentially turbo-charging your retirement savings so you can retire earlier.
A large contribution means a large tax deduction, which may lower income to qualify the taxpayer for the Section 199A 20% pass-through deduction.

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Ask us any questions or talk to us and we can help you design a Defined Benefit or Cash Balance retirement plan to fit your needs. Contact us at 866.269.2706 or DBPlans@dedicated-db.com. We are here to help.


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