How Cash Balance Plans Work

Setting Objectives

Owners establish the Cash Balance plan and set a contribution amount they want to fund each year, within limits set by the IRS and calculated for them by Dedicated Defined Benefit Services. Additionally, owners may be able to set different contribution rates based on employee classifications. The Cash Balance plan is designed in tandem with a Safe Harbor 401(k)/Profit Sharing plan. By combining plans, contributions by the owner on behalf of employees to both the Cash Balance and the 401(k)/Profit Sharing plans are limited but sufficient to provide adequate benefits to pass IRS nondiscrimination and other compliance testing.

An “interest credit” is also set in the plan design stage, and this is credited to owner and employee accounts annually. We use a fixed interest rate of 3%. When choosing investments for the account, it is recommended to select non-volatile investments that can match the set interest credit.

Contributions to the plans are required annually. Each year, our plan administrators calculate the required contributions for the Cash Balance plan and the profit sharing plan to ensure that the retirement program complies with all applicable laws and regulations. In subsequent years, investment performance is a key factor in determining the contribution amounts.

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