Partner with CPAs to Build Your Business

Advisors who succeed in offering Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans often partner with CPAs to identify prospects in need of new tax strategies.

We’ve assembled a wealth of free materials and training to support you as you talk to CPAs, gather referrals from them and help cultivate them as a lead source. Dedicated Defined Benefit Services provides ongoing sales support and administrative services. We are independent and do not charge asset-based fees. We are here to help.

Defined Benefit Program Overview for Tax Professionals

minidocs-cpa-overviewOnePersonPlus is a powerful retirement plan that allows clients the largest yearly retirement contributions — averaging $120,000 in 2020 — while saving huge amounts in taxes. This unique program is for owner-only businesses, and individuals with self-employment income. Depending on the situation, business owners may be able to save over $2.6 million for retirement in just 10 years. Download this PDF to email to your CPA contacts.
Download OUR Defined Benefit Program Overview for Tax Professionals

Defined Benefit Presentation for CPAs

minidocs-cpa-presentationYou’ve identified one or more CPAs who may have clients who are good candidates. Use this “OnePersonPlus Defined Benefit” PowerPoint to present to CPAs.

With this presentation you can:

  • Introduce CPAs to the OnePersonPlus DB retirement plan
  • Compare retirement plans and potential tax savings
  • Show CPAs how to Identify ideal clients
  • Gain referrals for your advising business
  • Take the time now to personalize this presentation and set up time to meet with CPAs.


Demo the Contribution and Estimated Tax Savings for the 2021 Plan Year

minidocs-proposalOnline Calculator: In 2-minutes, run an Illustration that estimates your client’s:

  • 2021 Income tax savings
  • 2021 Maximum retirement plan contribution
  • DB asset accumulation at retirement
  • Maximum 2021 contribution for a variety of retirement plan options

You’ll get a personalized estimate in a client-ready proposal that you can save as a pdf. It’s free and quick to run.

Tell the CPAs you approach you’d be happy to run a complete proposal for their client. You’ll quickly have a professional proposal to deliver. The tax savings will get them thinking about the right clients for this plan, and you as the go-to advisor to set it up.

Calculate Tax Deductible Contribution

Cash Balance Sample Illustration

If you’re interested in learning what contributions and tax savings could be for your small business clients with an OwnersPlus Cash Balance Retirement Plan, check out this sample cash balance illustration. Share this sample illustration with your CPAs and we’ll work with you to design a plan that fits your client’s objectives

Download our Cash Balance Sample Illustration

Success Story with CPAs

Learn how a financial advisor has successfully partnered with CPAs to help clients save on taxes.
CPA Success Story


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