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Once your plan has been established, we will work with you throughout the year to administer your plan

Making Payments

Opening Your Plan

You should be establishing your retirement plan by the end of your fiscal year, generally December 31 in order to make a contribution and take a tax deduction and for that year.

To open your plan, you will pay a plan design and document fee when you sign the plan set up questionnaire. This is a one-time fee and required before your plan documents are prepared. Click here for fee schedule

Maintaining Your Plan

Each year, including the first year that your plan is active, you will be charged for administration services. This administration fee is billed quarterly in advance. If you open your plan(s) in December 2024, you will be billed for the full 2024 tax year and the 1st quarter 2025 administration fee. Read more about support services.

Paying Your Fees

You may sign up for ACH transactions or wire transfers when you set up your plan. This will allow a quarterly debit from your checking account and keep your plan fee payments current.

Alternatively, you may set up recurring payments through your online banking service to pay the quarterly fees. Once a year, after you receive your annual report and your tax forms are prepared, we will send an email invoice to settle up if there are any additional fees due.

If you prefer to pay an annual fee, please contact your consultant to make arrangements.

Currently, we also accept checks and wires for fee payments.

Making Your Contribution

Dedicated Defined Benefit Services will work with you to determine what your annual contribution will be. Each year we will gather information from you about your business and employees and provide you with a contribution range.

You will decide what you want your contribution to be within the range we provide.

You will deposit your contribution into an investment account that you and/or your advisor establish. See Instructions for Opening an Investment Account for your retirement accounts.

Do not send your contribution deposit to Dedicated Defined Benefit Services.

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