2023, that’s a wrap! Let’s review last year and plan for sales growth in 2024

17th Jan 2024

What Happened in 2023?

The Year in Review

As we play back the highlights from the past year, we see that as the market fluctuated with rising interest rates, Defined Benefit (DB) plans remained a steady way to help clients, save on taxes, increase their retirement funds and beat inflation.

Our sales were solid in 2023. Average first year DB contributions were roughly $145,000. A large percentage of new DB clients also opened a 401(k) plan in 2023. In most cases this increased their total contributions by $30,000-$45,000.

We opened DB plans for business owners from a wide range of occupations. Consultants opened the most plans –  fields as diverse as entertainment to biotech were represented. Sole practitioner physicians from a variety of medical services represented the next largest group in our 2023 DB sales.

Now is the time to start the new year off strong. Look at your best clients and see if they qualify.

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