Women Are Embracing a Wealth of Financial Opportunities

20th Aug 2020

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Women seeking financial independence have more resources than ever to help them achieve business goals and long-term financial success. There are programs that support business growth, professional services and organizations that seek to help the next generation of female entrepreneurs. The retirement saving system presents many opportunities for reform – including improving gender equality. Financial advisors can help working women by providing guidance on families’ budgets and help them explore other opportunities, including retirement planning. Here are our top stories on entrepreneurship, retirement and the financial future of women.

Helping Girls Step Up to Entrepreneurship

After the pandemic forced parents to change summer plans, interest surged in a virtual program called Girls With Impact, which aims to teach girls financial, entrepreneurial and business skills. While private banks and wealth managers have designed programs to help the children of their wealthiest clients with these skills, Girls With Impact is a nonprofit organization created by a group of successful businesswomen.

Via New York Times

How the Pandemic Is Affecting Women’s Finances and Future

As some offices reopen and schools are distance learning, many mothers are forced to make hard decisions about their jobs and families, with some women possibly having to leave the workforce. This not only has repercussions for employers, but also for women’s pay equity, financial wellness and future retirement security.Financial advisors can offer guidance to working families and working women by reviewing families’ budgets. They can also offer more than just financial support; they can help clients explore all of their options and remind them of resources.

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How Does Gender Equality Affect Women in Retirement?

While women have made substantial and well-publicized gains in education, employment, and income their status in retirement has received far less attention.Women earn less on average over the course of a lifetime than men do, making it more difficult for women to save for retirement. Another thing that widens the gap is the fact that women on average live longer, are more risk averse and less financially literate, and more likely to have greater caregiving responsibilities than men. The retirement saving system presents many opportunities for reform. While women are increasingly working for employers that offer retirement plans, women still comprise a majority of the estimated 55 million U.S. workers who are not eligible for or covered by an employer-sponsored plan.

Via The Brookings Institution

The State of Entrepreneurship for Women Business Owners

There are more women-owned businesses than ever. While many of these businesses are successful, there are those female entrepreneurs who struggle to grow. Femaleentrepreneurs who want to grow their business, monetize their unique skill set and expertise can find guidance through coaching, consulting or professional services. Here’s what is working for female entrepreneurs to achieve success.

Via Entrepreneur

7 Lessons For Building Your Business From 7 Successful Entrepreneurs

Here are seven powerful lessons from seven successful female entrepreneurs who have built influential businesses. One piece of advice: when you know what you value, you know what your version of success looks like. Become clear of what you want and then take action.

Via Forbes

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