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8th Feb 2016

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Top 2015 Tax Changes Advisors Should Know

Every year, the experts at Trusts & Estates pull together a roundup of the year’s most important and interesting tax law cases. This information isn’t limited to attorneys and other estate planners—advisors can benefit from a familiarity with these updates as well. Check out the abbreviated reference for non-lawyers who want to keep up with these changes.

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3 Ways to Communicate Value in a Down Market

A successful value proposition reminds clients of the big picture, demonstrating how you are helping them stay on target to achieve their life goals like retirement, paying for college, transferring wealth, and creating a legacy for their families.

Check out these three effective strategies to help advisors promote their big-picture value and to help clients to understand that the value you provide transcends the market.

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7 Strategies Rich People Use to Pay Less in Taxes

Accountants of high-net-worth individuals use seven strategies to minimize tax bills. One common strategy: to contribute the maximum amount to their retirement accounts.

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TD’s Tom Nally: “Trust in the RIA Business Is Fragile”
Public trust in financial services is low—lower, in fact, than chemical companies, said Tom Nally, president of TD Ameritrade Institutional during a workshop at the TD Ameritrade Conference in Orlando, Florida. The millennial generation, which encompasses 70 million individuals, is the least trusting of financial services but is set to control trillions in assets. One trust issue the industry needs to address is the examination of registered investment advisors.

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