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11th Jan 2016

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‘Overwhelmed’ Consumers Could Use Advisor Help

A recent survey examining Americans attitudes toward money and saving says that consumers put cell phones before retirement accounts when choosing how to spend their money.

Via Plan Adviser

Seven Top Financial Advisor Social Blunders

Social prospecting in affluent circles has ranked as the No. 1 most effective prospecting method for acquiring $1 million or greater clients — which is why it’s the preferred marketing activity of elite financial advisors.

Via Wealth Management

Last-Minute Tax Bill Means Big 2016 Tax Savings For Businesses

A crucial $1.1 trillion tax and spending bill has quietly became law. The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015 will provide tax savings opportunities for start-ups and growing businesses.

Via Forbes

What’s in Store for Retirement Plans in 2016?

Market Watch says the retirement plan environment will continue evolving in 2016, and employer-sponsored retirement plans will gain heightened attention due to the Presidential election, pending regulation, state initiatives and ongoing concerns about market volatility and participant readiness.
Via Marketwatch

10 Signs Your Client Is Cheating on You

Many clients use more than one financial adviser, but here are some tell-tale signals to suggest you may be losing the quest to stay or become the main financial professional in their life.

Via Investment News

15 Surprising Places You Never Considered for Retirement

Kiplinger shares 15 retirement spots that may not be popular with retirees now—but contrarian living comes with benefits. Some of these places may offer tax breaks or other perks to try and lure in more older residents.

Via Kiplinger

4 Unnecessary Features in Your Retirement-Planning App

Retirement income planning apps have proliferated in recent years, as people have sought out new tools to help them investigate how various investing and spending strategies may affect the value of their nest egg upon retirement. Here are four input features that are commonly regarded as desirable, but which may actually lead to “garbage in, garbage out” analysis.

Via Nerd Wallet

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9 signs a client relationship is in danger. https://t.co/1GsJrXtyJI

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What's next in #wealthtech? Innovators weigh in at INVEST 2022. https://t.co/oTSprapOES

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Advisors, we have resources for you to help clients understand and build their #retirement plans. https://t.co/8at2JCWOtV

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