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27th Jan 2016

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Retired, but Working

Working past the traditional retirement age isn’t a new trend, but is becoming a standard practice. The latest labor force data show just how much older Americans are relying on the labor market to bolster their retirement security. Although most people assume they will be in a lower tax bracket in retirement, the combination of income from Social Security, wages, required minimum distributions (RMDs) from retirement accounts and even a pension can push your client into a higher income tax bracket in retirement.

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Defined benefit plans earn higher returns than defined contribution plans

A new study compares the returns from private sector defined benefit and defined contribution plans over the period 1990-2012. The study found that during this period, defined benefit plans outperformed defined contribution plans by about 0.7 percentage point. If clients are wondering whether to annuitize defined benefit plans or take a lump sum rollover, there might be good reason to hold on to the defined benefit plan.

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Wealth Management Is No Sure Bet for Wall Street Revenue

The volatility in the market is making clients more hesitant, which squeezes the fees that advisers can earn. In addition, the business model for wealth management is facing new threats, including changing demographics. Trying to sell traditional financial advisory services to a young investor “is like trying to sell boxing to people.”  Low interest rates are crimping the amount that banks can charge clients on mortgages for high-price houses and loans backed by stock and bond portfolios.

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5 Words That Turned This Self-Made Woman Into A Multi-Millionaire

Self-made millionaire Jane Wurwand, founder of Dermalogica, says her mother told her that it was important that she “learn how to ‘DO’ something.” Wurwand saw firsthand at a very young age what a vocational skill-set training could provide and chose an industry where she would need to use her hands, and the skills learned would allow her to support herself anywhere in the world.

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Rich Kids Go Shopping: See How Young Millionaires Splash Their Cash in Documentary

This engrossing documentary, ”Rich Kids Go Shopping,” shows how self-made millionaire kids (21 and younger) spend their hard earned cash. What would you buy if you were under 21 with tons of money to spend?

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