News Roundup for Financial Advisors for Week of Nov. 20 Dedicated DB

Weekly News Roundup for Week of Nov. 20

21st Nov 2017

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Top Four Ways Financial Advisors Can Support Older Female Clients After Major Life Transitions

Female baby boomers are facing an especially heightened risk of outliving their retirement savings, since they typically outlive men. Here are key considerations for how advisors can most effectively support these older female clients, including for those already in, or not too far away from entering, their retirement years:

Via The Wealth Advisor

IRS Announces New Compliance Programs

 The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced 11 new compliance campaigns, in addition to 13 already announced at the beginning of 2017. Compliance campaigns are areas identified for specific review and enforcement efforts, including but in many cases not limited to examinations of taxpayer filings. These new campaigns will directly impact U.S.-resident individuals and corporations with international tax issues, and some will impact non-U.S. corporations, including financial institutions, with U.S. tax and reporting obligations.

 Via Wealth Management

10 Ways to Prevent Affluenza

Children who were raised with wealth must be properly prepared to handle affluence and their inheritance wisely which means that older generations must help guard against the development of affluenza in children. Here are 10 tips to help clients accomplish the goal.

Via Wealth Management

Forming a Picture of the New Philanthropist

 The Philanthropy Workshop, an educational and networking organization, undertook a yearlong study to determine what a high-net-worth philanthropist looks like, examining whether philanthropists could be segmented based on age, gender, level of experience, and see if they behave differently. The study found that in many ways you can’t put them in distinct buckets.

Via New York Times

 How Trusts And Estates Lawyers Can Become Seriously Wealthy

Many trusts and estates lawyers are driven to excel and be wealthy. Based on a survey of 359 trust and estate lawyers, almost 80% of them want to be seriously wealthy. To get on track to become seriously wealthy, the great majority of trusts and estates lawyers need to start with their legal practices: The key is to build and manage a very successful high-net-worth practice. The following are best practices have been translated into professional success and personal wealth.

 Via The Wealth Advisor

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