The Importance of Advisors Remaining Calm During the Market Storm

18th Mar 2020

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While market volatility is an extremely stressful time, it’s important for advisors to remain calm and not send a message of panic to clients.  Clients trust advisors to help them make good choices and recognize opportunities during the turmoil. It’s important to focus on educating, informing and encouraging your clients during this volatility. Here’s a round-up of articles on how to work with your clients and handle the coronavirus pandemic that’s shaken the markets.

Before You Calm Your Clients, Calm Yourself

In times of volatile financial markets — such as now — advisors need to push the message of “don’t panic” to their clients as well as to themselves. It’s critical for advisors not to  “stress out” during these stressful times. Here are some steps to keep calm.

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Wealth Managers Urge Calm Amid Market Storm

Advisors of wealthy individuals and families say they’re spending most of their time calling on clients to discuss what steps they should be taking in the midst of the massive volatility in the U.S. and global stock markets. Alarming headlines are putting the most unruffled investors on edge, but here’s some perspective.

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Advisors Help Clients Remain Calm in Market Rout

Many financial advisors have lived through bear market turmoil before. They say their role now is to keep clients from panicking, and in many cases help those with longer time horizons recognize opportunity in the chaos – market dips are a good time to put money to work.

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Should You Delay Retirement Due to Stock Market Volatility?

The past few weeks have been a roller-coaster ride for investors, with the stock market clocking in record single-day losses and officially hitting bear market territory. If you’re years away from using the money you have in stocks, the smartest thing you can do right now is sit back, wait for things to stabilize, and leave your investments alone. But if you’re planning to retire in the very near future, that may not be an option.

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How to Keep Your Money Safe as Markets Panic over Coronavirus

Stock markets have taken a pummeling as the implications of an escalating coronavirus outbreak and slumping oil prices has alarmed  investors. It’s important to remember that this is not the first — and won’t be the last — market dip, and it can be good opportunity to get your investment strategy in check.


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