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Upgrade Your Retirement Plan – 5-Step Campaign

You know that the easiest way to increase AUM is to bring in additional investments from your existing clients. Double, triple or even quadruple the amount your clients contribute to a retirement plan by upgrading them to a Defined Benefit (DB) plan. You’ll be giving them a qualified plan with the highest contributions approved by the IRS. And they will be making large contributions every year!

  1. Pull a list of 5 clients who are good defined benefit prospects — here’s how to find them:

    1. Clients who have SEPs, SIMPLEs or individual 401(K)s with you already. They don’t have to be maxing out to be able to put more into a DB. With the defined benefit plan clients can potentially save a much higher percent of compensation in the plan. In general, look for clients who:

      • Are age 40+

      • Contribute >$30,000 a year

      • Continue to have income from small business or self-employment

    2. Anyone who has recently retired and is currently consulting or opening another business

    3. Spouse of high income client who has self-employment income

  2. Email or mail this 4-question “Upgrade Survey” to your selected clients.

  3. Run Proposal to estimate 2017 defined benefit tax savings and contribution for your client.

  4. Call Respondents — We’ve created some marketing tools for you to use when you talk to your existing clients or prospects.

    1. Call Script—Use our phone script to make your case.

    2. Client Material — Email “Defined Benefit Plan Whitepaper” or order Client Brochures to hand out to prospects.

    3. Client Presentation — Download our PowerPoint presentation which highlights the different financial profiles that your prospects might fit and explains the benefits in layman terms.

  5. Call Dedicated DB Sales Support for help in closing the sale: 1-866-269-2706. Our experts are available to answer your questions and meet by phone with you, your client and your client’s CPA. If your client has a unique situation, complete a Illustration Request Form and we’ll turn it around within 24 hours.


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