Plan Design Questionnaires

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2020 Retirement Plan Questionnaires

2021 Retirement Plan Questionnaires

Please download the appropriate Questionnaire and complete it with your client. You can type directly into the form and then print.

The information provided in the Questionnaire will allow us to determine whether your client qualifies to open a plan and to more accurately estimate your client’s maximum allowable contribution.

When your client is ready to set up a plan.

Please send:

  1. Completed Plan Design Questionnaire
  2. Copy of the proposal
  3. Check in the correct amount

Mail to:
Dedicated DB
PO Box 219800
Kansas City, MO 64121

For UPS/FedEx, our mailing address is:
Ascensus, c/o Glendale Office
920 Main Street, Suite 900
Ten Main Center
Kansas City, MO 64105

As soon as we receive the completed Plan Design Questionnaire, we’ll contact you for additional information to prepare plan documents and set up the plan.

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