What are the key takeaways we learned from advisors in Q1?

5th Apr 2022

What are the key takeaways that we learned from advisors in Q1?

After a fluctuating start to 2022, what are our key insights from Q1?

  1. Sales of Defined Benefit plans spilled over into the first months of the year. However, market volatility has been a distraction for both advisors and clients.
  2. Despite rising inflation, looming Federal Reserve interest rate hikes, and the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, high-income professionals are still seeking ways to build retirement wealth through tax-deferred contributions.
  3. Because of the SECURE Act, there may still be time for clients on tax extension to open high-contribution pension plans for 2021 – which could be especially beneficial for clients needing more than a SEP-IRA or solo 401(k).

This year will likely require even more time for plan design. Start now.

Despite geopolitical, inflationary, and other forces driving markets this year, the need for proper retirement planning is still constant. Defined Benefit or Cash Balance plans help self-employed and small business owners accelerate retirement savings by allowing them to make very high contributions – the largest deductible contributions approved by the IRS.

Our Plan Design Consultants are happy to talk through any prospect situation. Call us at 866-269-2706.


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