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29th Mar 2022

Calculate Tax Savings & Compare Retirement Plans


Need a conversation starter for your high-income and small business clients?

See how much clients could contribute and save using our updated Defined Benefit plan calculator. It lets you compare SIMPLE, SEP-IRA, 401(k) and Defined Benefit plans for solo practitioners, mom & pops, consultants and physicians — and creates a proposal you can share with your clients or your clients’ CPAs.

Defined Benefit plans help your clients hold on to more of their income, which they invest with you. Here’s one client example:

  • 50 year-old Sole Proprietor earning $250,000.
  • With a Defined Benefit plan, he reduces his tax liability by almost $40,000 and adds $98,000 to his retirement account each year.

As always, we’re happy to talk about any prospect or client situation. Call us at 866-269-2706.


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