Want to Be the Hero for High-Income Clients?

7th Aug 2018


Do you have clients with high pass-through incomes?

Want to save tens of thousands in tax liability for your clients—and increase your AUM?

Here’s how:

The TJCA offers self-employed and small business clients a new 20% pass-through tax deduction.
Our high contributions retirement plans can bring clients like these below the taxable income thresholds ($315,000 married tax payer, $157,500 single) and save them tens of thousands.
Recently, a client contributed $238,100 to a DB+401(k) and reduced tax liability by $78,520.
And as you know, large annual contributions are new assets for advisors like you to manage.

Ready to take advantage of this opportunity—and become your client’s hero?

Take a look at these two examples to see how it works.

Then run an estimate yourself to see how large the contributions could be for your clients.

If you have questions about how this could work for your high income self-employed or small business clients, or think it might work for you, give us a call at 866-269-2706.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Karen Shapiro
Vice President, Dedicated Defined Benefit Services, an Ascensus Company

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