So many distractions. How can your clients stay focused on retirement?

4th Apr 2023

Feeling Distracted? Don't let volatility affect your long-term retirement plans


You can’t control market volatility. So why not focus on what’s certain: the upcoming tax season.

In times like these, your clients are likely looking to you for guidance on retirement and tax planning. For over 20 years, we’ve helped small business owners and self-employed professionals learn about the tax advantages and flexibility of Defined Benefit plans. They include:

  • Higher contribution limits: These powerful pension plans may allow your clients to contribute more than they currently can into a SEP IRA or 401(k) plan
  • Built-in flexibility: Clients have the discretion to contribute in some years but not others
  • Personal 401(k) plan: In certain situations, clients can combine a Defined Benefit plan with an individual 401(k) to increase contributions and flexibility

Talk to your clients now before they contribute to other plans.

With the impact of the tax season still omnipresent, now is the time to discuss how Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans can help your clients’ tax situations – before they make contributions to SEPs or other plans. Those who have filed extensions can also make contributions – and still save.

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