Small biz clients want year-end retirement strategies. Got one?

8th Nov 2022

If clients can correct their salaries before year end... It may open new possibilities for a Cash Balance plan.


As you have year-end conversations with your small business clients, we want to remind you of an upcoming deadline for S-corps and C-corps – and the potential impact to retirement plan design.

While we do not give tax advice, we know that reporting the proper salary on a W-2 (and making any needed corrections) can help maximize tax savings and contributions for a Cash Balance plan. Therefore, it may make sense to get ahead of the curve and have these conversations with qualified clients now.

Why Are Cash Balance Plans Gaining Favor with Professional Practices and Small Business Owners? Here are some of the reasons why various types of business entities are opening these high-contribution plans:

  • Significant tax deductions for high-income business owners
  • High contribution limits for older participants generally work to the advantage of business owners
  • Flexible structure to fit a variety of business situations

Want to open new possibilities for accelerating your clients’ retirement plans?

Try our online Defined Benefit Plan Calculator, which easily compares retirement plans. In 2 minutes you’ll have a professional proposal with estimated contribution and tax savings. As always, call us with any questions at 866-269-2706.

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