Should you recommend this retirement plan before Dec 31?

30th Nov 2021

Open Defined Benefit Plans By December 31


We’re busy this time of year, but our quick setup process makes opening Defined Benefit plans easier. As you may know, high-contribution retirement plans can potentially reduce taxable income by $100,000+ while adding $1-2 million to retirement savings.

Open plans by December 31

There may be benefits to opening Defined Benefit plans before December 31 including the ease of planning around possible year-end adjustments and opening the plan before new tax changes take effect.

Give your clients big tax savings in 2021

Run an estimate yourself online and then give us a call at 866-269-2706. We can refine the proposal for you and help you talk your clients through it.

CALL US AT 866-269-2706

We’re available evenings and weekends too by appointment. Let me know how I or any of our Plan Design Consultants can help. Thanks.

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