SEP IRA vs. other plans? What should you recommend?

2nd Mar 2020


Heads up, while your head’s down 😉

Want big tax savings – tens of thousands of dollars annually – for your high-income, self-employed clients in 2020? Consider recommending a Defined Benefit plan instead of a SEP IRA for clients paying too much for 2019. Here’s how:

Which types of clients should you look for?

  1. High K-1 or W-2 for small S-corp owners (with 1-10 employees)
  2. Schedule C Net Profit (line 31) for sole proprietors which exceeds $200,000
  3. SEP-IRA and 401(k) clients who want to contribute and deduct more in 2020

You can circle back after tax time to discuss high contribution retirement plans. Or compare plans with our 2-minute Defined Benefit plan calculator.

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