See How Much Your Clients Can Contribute & Save

31st Oct 2019

Give Your Clients a Proposal to Smile About

Your Client’s Tax Savings =
More Assets for You to Manage

Advisors always ask us, “Do you have anything that shows how a Defined Benefit plan compares to other retirement plans?” Yes. Our Defined Benefit Calculator. In 2 minutes, you can run an estimate and see how large the contribution could be.

So it’s not too late to start the conversation with your high-income clients, who are concerned about their tax bills and want to take action this year.

Defined Benefit Plan Calculator

See how much clients could contribute and save using our Defined Benefit Calculator.

It lets you compare SIMPLE, SEP-IRA, 401(k) and Defined Benefit plans for solo practitioners, doctors, lawyers, and other small business clients.

Take 2 minutes to estimate tax savings

Client Example

Recently, one of our clients was able to contribute $238,100 to a combined DB + 401(k) plan and reduce his current year tax liability by over $78,000. What’s more, these large annual contributions are new assets for his advisor to manage! Now that’s something to smile about 😉

Any Questions? We’re Here to Help

Don’t guess. Our plan experts can help you determine if your client is a viable candidate for a Defined Benefit or Cash Balance plan.

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Estimate contribution and deduction with our DB calculator Try it now