Painful tax season…Your clients surprised?

29th May 2019


Your clients shocked at tax time? Give them a 2019 tax savings strategy. LEARN MORE:

Many of your high-income clients may still be recovering from 2018 tax sticker shock, but the good news is that you can help:

  • Let your clients know how Defined Benefit and Cash Balance retirement plans can help them save on taxes this year and build wealth for the future
  • Your small business and self-employed clients – like doctors, consultants, farmers, engineers and mom & pops – may be able to shelter more of their income through large contributions
  • Contributions are tax deductible and may provide tens of thousands of dollars in tax savings for 2019


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Talk to Your Clients Now Before They Contribute to Other Plans!

With the jolt of the tax season still lingering, now is the time to discuss how Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans can help your clients’ tax situations in 2019 – before they make contributions to SEPs or other plans. Those who filed extensions can also make contributions—and still save.

We’ll Help Answer Questions and Identify Qualified Prospects

We can help you ease your clients’ pain for the 2019 tax year and create a win-win tax strategy. Our DB experts offer concierge services and are available 24/7 by appointment to answer questions or run custom proposals. We’re also happy to help you identify qualified prospects.

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