Many high-income clients want to retire earlier. How can you accelerate their plans?

2nd Nov 2021

How can you help accelerate their plans?


Many high-income clients want to retire earlier. How can you make it easier for them?

The pandemic has a caused many self-employed professionals to want to accelerate their retirement plans. Some of the reasons include the booming stock market, rising house prices and a desire to do more in their golden years. A tax-advantaged Defined Benefit plan can help the self-employed supercharge their retirements – often allowing clients to contribute 2 to 3 times the amount they might otherwise contribute to a SEP-IRA or 401(k).

Which clients should you talk to before year end?

Here are some typical client profiles that show the potential tax savings as well as the projected lifetime accumulation of the plan. Whether your client is a sole proprietor, LLC or corporation, they may qualify for a huge tax deduction from their business income. Try our Defined Benefit plan calculator, to quickly see how much they can contribute and save.

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