Is a possible recession making your clients rethink their retirement plans?

13th Sep 2022

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Are your clients worried about a possible recession? And thinking about waiting to retire?

While the markets may ebb and flow, it’s important to help your self-employed and small business clients stay the course. Now may be a good time to recommend a flexible retirement plan that allows your clients to accelerate their retirement savings.

Turbocharge tax savings and contributions with a Defined Benefit plan

These wealth-building pension plans allow high-income, self-employed professionals to make very high contributions – the largest deductible contributions approved by the IRS. At Dedicated DB, our Plan Design Consultants can:

  1. Help you identify prospects
  2. Create a custom proposal
  3. Work quickly to complete the plan design

Let’s talk before your clients contribute to a SEP and solo 401(k)

We appreciate that many clients want to continue contributing towards their retirements while delaying big purchases. However, please have them hold off on contributing to a SEP-IRA or solo 401(k) until you talk to us first. Call us at 866-269-2706, so we can discuss the best retirement plan options. We’re here to help.



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