Is 2021 the year to rethink your retirement plan?

17th Aug 2021

Now is a great time to rethink your retirement.


Is 2021 the year to rethink your retirement plan?

Normally we ask you to think about your high income, self-employed clients’ retirement needs. However, In fact, over 12% of the high-contribution plans that we open are for RIAs, CFPs, and CPAs.

How does a Defined Benefit plan compare to other plans?

Here are some of the reasons why advisors and CPAs have opened Defined Benefit plans for themselves:

  • Contributions are tax deductible and may provide tens of thousands of dollars in tax savings
  • A DB plan may allow advisors and CPAs to contribute 2-3 times the amount they might otherwise contribute to a SEP or 401(k)

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CLIENT OF THE WEEK: Advisor Takes His Own Advice

An advisor, age 54, who operates his own one-man RIA wants to increase his penetration of high-income business owners. He researched Defined Benefit plans for a client last year, liked what he saw so much, he decided to open one for himself this January. His high S-Corp income allows him to comfortably contribute at least $100k. If he has a great year, we can adjust the contribution.

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