Infographic: Which Clients Are Opening Defined Benefit Plans?

4th Apr 2019


Who's Opening Defined Benefit Plans

Many of your high-income clients may be missing out on huge tax savings and retirement wealth building every year. They don’t have to be doctors or lawyers to take advantage of defined benefit and cash balance plans.

Learn which clients are taking advantage of these plans in the new infographic by Dedicated Defined Benefit Services.

Discover 5 Surprising Occupations Opening Defined Benefit & Cash Balance Plans

Five Surprising Occupations Opening Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Plans

You’ll Also Learn:

  • The top 5 occupations of clients opening Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans
  • Which states are benefiting the most from our expert concierge services
  • How to identify which of your clients could benefit from a Defined Benefit or Cash Balance plan

Five Surprising Occupations

Calculate Your Clients’ Savings Now

Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans help your clients hold on to more of their income which they invest with you. Instantly see how much your clients can contribute and save with our Defined Benefit Plan Calculator.

If you have high income self-employed or small business clients who might need a large tax deduction, let us show you how a Defined Benefit or Cash Balance plan could work.

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