In times like these…How can your clients stay focused on retirement goals?

11th Mar 2020

Help your clients stay focused on their long-term goals.

In times like these, stay the course.

During uncertain times, it’s important that your clients block out the short-term noise and focus on their long-term retirement goals. A powerful solution is available to help high-income earners (like doctors, lawyers and consultants) achieve their retirement goals: a Defined Benefit Plan.

Clients can feel comfortable with flexible plan options.

Download our New Flexibility in Defined Benefit Plans whitepaper, to learn how a well-designed DB plan prevents clients from feeling locked in. Additional flexibility allows business owners to adjust contributions from year to year, if their income changes.

Need a conversation starter? Tax season is a great time to share this whitepaper with your clients and CPA contacts.


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Want to keep your clients focused on retirement planning?

Try our online Defined Benefit Plan Calculator, which easily compares retirement plans.

In 2 minutes you’ll have a professional proposal with estimated contribution and tax savings.


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