How can you recommend a tax-savings plan quickly?

29th Jun 2021

Don't wait for the proposed tax changes to touch down.


Your high-income, self-employed clients may be impacted by Biden’s tax proposal – including QBI deductions, income taxes, and business expense auditing. With these proposed tax changes still up in the air, let’s identify your best clients for a high-contribution retirement plan.

Step #1: Run a do-it-yourself proposal.

Want to easily see how a Defined Benefit plan compares to other plans? Quickly estimate tax savings and maximum contribution with our Defined Benefit plan calculator.

Step #2: Call us. Request a custom proposal.

There are many variables that go into calculating the right contribution for your clients – including wages, tenure, and type of income. As always, we’re happy to run a custom proposal. Call us at 866-269-2706.

Step #3: Leverage our Sales and Marketing resources.

With more businesses opening, your clients may be spending more time away from work. Why not use the summer to improve your expertise and prospecting strategy with our Sales and Marketing resources?

As a reminder, Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans help self-employed and small business owners accelerate retirement savings by allowing them to make very high deductible contributions – averaging $100,000+ annually. Don’t wait until year-end, because this year your clients will be busy with travel and family plans. Prepare now.


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Raymond Lee
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