How can you make sure the plan design is right? Plan ahead.

18th Nov 2020

2020. This is NOT the year to procrastinate with DB plans.

There's still time to get the plan design right.


I hope all is well. Since the election, tax reform has been on the forefront of everyone’s minds in our industry. We wanted to remind you that there’s still time for your clients to open a Defined Benefit or Cash Balance plan by December 31. With everything going on in the markets…NOW is the time to get things in motion.

As a reminder, we have a mutual goal: To help your clients optimize their retirement plans.

Top 3 reasons to open plans before Dec 31:

  1. Plan design takes time. Start now so we can get it right.
  2. An accurate W-2 will help optimize plan design.
  3. CPAs will have more time to work with you before year end.

For 20 years, we’ve helped high-income clients open Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans. With our support, you could easily and efficiently increase the investment dollars you manage each year. Depending on the situation, business owners may be able to save millions for retirement in just 10 years. Don’t guess. Let’s talk – even if we ultimately decide that a Defined Benefit plan is not right.


If there’s anything we can do to help, please call. Our plan design consultants are happy to have a short conversation, to talk about any prospect or client situation. It’s what we do. Thanks.

Best regards,

Gary Rosen

Gary Rosen
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