How can you help more small biz owners keep more of their earnings?

22nd Sep 2023

How can you pick the right micro business for a Cash Balance plan?


We’re helping more micro business owners keep more of their earnings.

We have made Cash Balance retirement plans for micro businesses (with fewer than 10 employees) easy to open and manage. These high-contribution plans may allow clients to contribute and deduct more than $150,000 annually for themselves. By combining with a 401(k), we can usually limit the costs to them for employee benefits.

With the number of small businesses and independent consultants on the rise, Cash Balance plans are a fast-growing segment of retirement planning. Think of them as the retirement plan of choice for high-income clients.

We’ll be ready to help you pick the right prospects after October 15.

There are benefits to opening plans before December 31 including:

  • Potential tax advantages for businesses with employees
  • Ease of planning around possible year-end adjustments
  • Opening the plan before potential tax changes take effect 

Want an easy way to get the conversation started? Try our online calculator to quickly estimate tax savings and maximum contribution. As always, feel free to email or call us at 866-269-2706. We’re happy to help.

Eligibility checklist for Cash Balance plans >


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