Help Clients Save: Try Our Calculator to Identify Clients Who Can Benefit in 2018

3rd Dec 2018

Help Clients Save Before Year End

A Time-Saving Tool: Run Reports in 2 Minutes

Our online Retirement Plan calculator allows you to instantly compare what your high-income self-employed clients can contribute and deduct to a SEP, 401(k) and Defined Benefit plan. You will receive a presentation-ready report completely personalized for each client. 

If your clients have high income, talk to them about tax-advantaged defined benefit plans. The tax savings will say it all! The large annual contributions generally provide new assets for you to manage.


High-income clients need more help than ever prior to year-end 

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) eliminates many tax deductions and has complicated rules for pass-through businesses to qualify for deductions. Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans, by providing the largest IRS-approved retirement plan contributions, potentially can help high income small business owners and individuals with self-employment income lower their taxable income sufficiently to take advantage of the additional 20% deduction.

You can help your clients hold on to more of their income. Show your clients how to double or triple their retirement plan contributions—and deductions.

The calculator produces personalized proposals that include:

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Give It a Try

See how much your client can contribute to retirement savings. Then give us a call, we can tailor the plan to meet your client’s objectives.


For business owners with employees, consider an OwnersPlus TM Cash Balance + 401(k). Call us at 866-269-2706 for a cash balance illustration.


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