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24th Apr 2019

Here are your prospecting resources

50+ Updated Tools to Acquire New Clients and Close Plans

If you’re looking to build your book of business, we have your solution. You can help high-income prospects reduce tax liabilities by $50,000 to $100,000 by making large contributions to Defined Benefit or Cash Balance retirement plans—contributions that become assets for you to manage.

We’ve recently updated 50+ resources to help you successfully offer these plans to small business owners, attorneys, doctors and others. Whether you want to brush up on these plans or are looking for marketing resources you can share with prospects, you can now access these free tools on our Sales and Marketing Resources page.

Want new clients? Create an estimate for clients using our do-it-yourself DB calculator. As always, our Plan Design Consultants can run custom proposals and help you identify qualified prospects: 1-866-269-2706.



Are you an advisor or CPA who wants to learn more about Defined Benefit plans? These sales tools are for you.
Retirement Plans Flyer
The Basics of Defined Benefit Plans Whitepaper

Full list

Ready to share the benefits of these plans with prospects and clients? Make your case with these marketing tools for you and your clients.
Cash Balance Plan Resource Kit
DB Presentation

Cash Balance Plans Whitepaper

Full list

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Instantly see how much prospects can contribute and save with a Defined Benefit Plan. 

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Our DB experts offer concierge services and are available to answer questions and run custom proposals for clients with employees or for a special situation. We’re happy to help you identify qualified prospects: 1-866-269-2706.

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