Did your high-income clients fork over a big slice to the IRS?

8th May 2023

Did your high-income clients fork over a big slice to the IRS this year?


Tax season can bring big surprises. Here’s how you can help your clients: 

  • Let your high-income clients know how Defined Benefit and Cash Balance retirement plans can help them save on taxes this year and build wealth for the future.
  • Your small business and self-employed clients – like doctors, consultants, lawyers, engineers and mom & pops – may be able to shelter more of their income through large contributions.
  • Contributions are tax deductible and may provide tens of thousands of dollars in tax savings for 2023.

We’ll help answer questions and identify qualified prospects

We can help you ease your clients’ pain for the current tax year and create a win-win tax strategy. Our retirement plan experts are available to answer questions or run custom proposals. We’re also happy to help you identify qualified prospects.

Do you have clients who filed a tax extension for their business?

Good news. There may be even more time for them to open a high-contribution plan for fiscal year 2022. The SECURE Act’s deadline for opening a Defined Benefit plan includes extensions. However, proper plan design takes time, so now is a great time to start the conversation.

If you want to talk about any prospect or client situation, call 866-269-2706 or email us at DBplans@dedicated-db.com.

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