Cash Balance plans provide tools and strategies to build in flexibility.

18th Oct 2022

How can your clients ride out market volatility?


“What if my client’s situation changes?”

“Are they locked in to making steady contributions?”

These may be unspoken questions, but we know that they are common concerns about Cash Balance and Defined Benefit plans. Fortunately, if a business owner’s situation changes, there are numerous strategies that can be implemented. These high-contribution retirement plans have built-in flexibility to help accommodate a client’s specific situation.

Our “Flexibility” whitepaper examines some of these strategies and includes helpful illustrations. Cash Balance plans provide administrators and their clients an array of tools to build in flexibility. A well-designed plan allows small business owners to:

  1. Minimize their taxes
  2. Maximize their retirement accumulations
  3. Feel confident that they won’t be locked into a plan they can’t afford

Don’t let market volatility distract your clients from their long-term retirement goals.

Call us at 866-269-2706, so we can discuss the best retirement plan options for your small business and self-employed clients. We’re here to help.


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