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29th Nov 2022

10 minute Cash Balance Client Review


As you prepare for year-end conversations with clients, we’d like to remind you of a powerful tax-saving strategy for small business owners: the Cash Balance plan. At Dedicated DB, we are committed to sharing our resources, tools and knowledge with anyone who can benefit from this type of retirement plan.

10-minute Client Review

We’re happy to talk about any prospect or client situation. Some of the topics we typically cover during a short client review include:

  • What is the ratio of business owners to employees?
  • Does everyone in the company need to be included in the plan?
  • When is a Cash Balance plan not a good idea?
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Request A Custom Illustration

Do you have clients or prospects looking to accelerate retirement savings and reduce their tax burden? Sometimes the best conversations start with a custom illustration. To receive a complimentary Cash Balance proposal, call us at 866-269-2706

Built-in Flexibility

As a reminder, Cash Balance plans give business owners the potential to make very large deductible contributions for themselves — often $150,000 or more annually — while limiting the total cost of benefits for employees. Plus, these plans provide administrators and their clients an array of tools to build in flexibility.

If you want to know if a Cash Balance or Defined Benefit plan is a good fit for one of your prospects, please let us know. We’re here to help.

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