News Roundup for Week of Aug. 30

31st Aug 2017

Discussing Retirement Planning Options with Your Small Business Clients

According to research by the Pew Charitable Trusts, just over half of the small and midsized businesses surveyed offer a retirement plan. While there are a number of reasons small businesses don’t offer retirement benefits, making them available is a smart idea that’s good for both owners and employees. Accountants and financial advisors can help small business clients understand the value of 401(k) plans and how they contribute to business success.

Via Accounting Today

Cash Balance Plans Surge While 401k Growth ‘Flat’

The number of new cash balance plans increased 17% percent compared with just 3% growth in new 401(k) plans, surpassing industry projections of 12% to 15% growth thanks to more small businesses.


Top Five Reasons Advisors Blow a Sale

The challenge facing financial advisors is that the affluent are extremely discriminating, highly skeptical and don’t have much regard for salespeople.  Here are five reasons advisors blow a sale.


How the Top 1% Keeps Getting Richer

There’s one big reason why the rich still come out ahead. Instead of stocks, the middle class puts a large share of its wealth into residential real estate — houses tend to earn lower returns than stocks.

Via Bloomberg

Five Trends That Will Upend Wealth Management in the Next Decade – and How to Profit From Them

Here are five megatrends that will remake the wealth management industry in the next decade and what advisors can do to take advantage of the opportunity.

Via Wealth Advisor

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Here’s How To Be a Fierce Entrepreneur In a Time of Crisis via @forbes #entrepreneurship #successmindset

9:29 PM 29 May 2020

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CARES Act: Here's everything advisors should know via @finplan #CARESAct #retirementplanning #RMDs

8:27 PM 29 May 2020

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Advisors, do you know any physicians looking to catch up on retirement savings? Feel free to pass along our special…

7:27 PM 29 May 2020

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Slideshow: Tax Changes and Key Amounts for the 2020 Tax Year via @kipllinger #taxplanning #taxlaw

6:06 PM 29 May 2020

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One Simple Way Financial Advisors Can Build Stronger Relationships @iris_xyz #clientrelations #practicemanagement

8:48 PM 28 May 2020

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When a Female Entrepreneur Pivoted Her Business, Her Opportunities Grew via @Forbes @Ventureneer #smallbusiness

6:39 PM 28 May 2020

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