News Round-up for Week of September 2 Dedicated DB

News Round-up for Week of September 2

6th Sep 2019

Desk with headline What Financial Advisors Are Reading

The world of financial advising is shifting. With robo-advising gaining popularity, more financial advisors are embracing new services such as health care, college counseling and writing financial aid applications for clients to grow their practice. Also deepening your knowledge of various tax savings strategies like Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans will be key to staying relevant to clients. Here’s a round-up of articles that examine the shift in the role of advisor.

5 Innovative Strategies to Scale a Practice

Financial advisors are exploring new ways to curate client experiences as traditional methods of adding clients, increasing AUM and boosting productivity are increasingly in flux. Here are five ways advisors have successfully grown their practices — and their personal professional development

Via Financial Planning

Advisors’ Advice: Top 11 Retirement Planning Questions Clients Ask

ThinkAdvisor asked financial advisors the number one question clients asked regarding retirement planning. Here are the top 11 retirement planning questions clients ask and how advisors respond.

Via Think Advisor

Financial Advisors Wear More Hats Than Ever

As financial advisors face increasing competition from automated investment platforms, they find themselves offering once-unthought-of services in order to maintain clients’ allegiance such as college counseling and writing financial aid applications for clients.

Via Barrons

The Behavioral Economics of Everyday Life In Retirement

Financial advisors are tasked to help bridge the gap between the soft side and hard side of retirement planning. Too often, advisors feel that the personal side of retirement isn’t important or is too fluffy, and that it will take care of itself as long as the dollars and cents are correct. However, behavioral economics tells us that clients don’t always make decisions that are in their best interests. Advisors need to know that when it comes to planning for everyday life in retirement, clients have unrealistic assumptions and could benefit from candid, personal advise.

Via Financial Advisor Magazine

I’m a Financial Advisor, and I Think Robo-advisors Can Be Useful — But They Aren’t for Everyone

How can traditional advisors stay relevant, as robo-advising becomes more mainstream? One financial advisor shares the benefits of robo-advisors, especially because of their low-cost alternative compared with traditional advisors and how they can been good for DIY investors who need some basic help.  Financial advisors can distinguish themselves from robo-advisers by offering personalized, comprehensive financial advice.

Via Business Insider

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Self-employed? Here’s why your retirement savings are falling short via @CNBC #personafinance #retirementadvice

6:26 PM 16 September 2019

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Technology and Gig Economy Present Opportunities for Advisors to Help Better Serve Clients and Grow Revenue via…

4:53 PM 16 September 2019

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How to Turn Frustration into a Multi-Million Dollar Business Idea via @entrepreneur #selfmade #entrepreneur

10:00 PM 13 September 2019

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This is what 'retirement' means now via @nyt @TCRStudies #retirement #retirementplanning

8:30 PM 13 September 2019

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Are you high income, self-employed and need a tax deduction? See how much you can save with our free online Defined…

7:30 PM 13 September 2019

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Here's how the RIA business is changing in 4 charts via @thinkadvisor #RIA #financialservices

6:39 PM 13 September 2019

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