News Round-up for Week of April 29

30th Apr 2019

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A concerning trend is impacting more baby boomers facing retirement. A surge of data reflects a lack of confidence and preparedness among professionals at the end of their careers. Recent studies suggest that a significant number of people have not even considered creating a plan for retirement and about 46% of Americans predict they won’t have enough money when they retire. We help people prepare for retirement and offer Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans that allow people to take advantage of a large tax reduction and have a comfortable financial nest egg when they retire. Here’s a round-up of articles geared to advisors, who are looking to help clients with their retirement plans. 

Americans Are Confident About Their Finances. Retirement? Not So Much.

Seventy-five percent of people surveyed in Fidelity Investments’ Retirement Mindset Study said they felt only somewhat confident to not confident at all in being financially prepared for retirement. However, 62% of respondents said they felt confident about their current financial health, and 65% of respondents said they were more confident today than they were this time one year ago. 

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How Using Social Media Can Boost Advisors’ AUM

As social media continues to evolve, so does its potential for helping financial advisors boost their assets under management (AUM) and increase the number of wealthier clients. According to a recent survey, investable assets of clients gained through social media last year rose to $1.4 million, while the average new account size held steady. 

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A New Way to Look at Retirement Income Planning

Financial advisors are in a unique position to help deal with the lack of preparedness among upcoming retirees as about 46% of Americans predict they won’t have enough money after they leave the workforce. Current retirement planning approaches are typically time-consuming and resource-intensive so advisors need simple, intuitive tools to help them meet the financial needs and goals of their clients.  Advisors need to look beyond the status quo to envision what a more effective retirement planning approach could look like.

How Financial Advisors Can Get New Clients

Prospecting for new clients is critical to any advisory firm. If you’re a financial advisor, successful advisors recommend several ways to find new prospects including narrowing your focus, defining your ideal client and developing content marketing campaigns and leveraging social media.

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Michael Kitces: A Whirlwind in Advisor Land

Financial influencer and blogger Michael Kitces talks to Barron’s about his unlikely career path, what he sees as the biggest challenge facing independent advisors, and the shift in the financial industry that makes client niches and specializations even more important.

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