How to Win Clients by Staying Ahead of the Curve

18th Dec 2019

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While economic volatility is still making headlines, advisors expect 2020 may be another good year for both the economy and the stock market. Clients will continue to invest in their personal finance and retirement, so they’ll seek independent, professional advice and guidance when it comes to retirement planning. It will be critical for advisors to make their services stand out as well as adopt new forms of communication technology. Here are the top articles on how advisors can gain clients by adapting to change.

What Top Advisors See on the Horizon for Markets in 2020

Despite potential volatility on the horizon, advisors expect 2020 could be another good year for both the economy and the stock market. The U.S. economy remains in the midst of the longest economic expansion on record and the longest — if not strongest — bull market in stocks.


Special Report: How RIAs Win Clients By Differentiating from the Pack

A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) needs to set itself apart from its competitors in order succeed. Marketing is a critical factor in a firm’s success, as it helps a firm champion its messaging, differentiate itself from its and grow is client base. One of the challenges about marketing is that the RIAs must be able to back up their their claims.

Via Financial Advisor IQ

Top Advisors Weigh In: Turning Plan Participants into Individual Clients

If you’re a financial advisor who seeks to turn their plan participants into individual clients, it’s important to be clear about what you are offering. Conflicts of interest can arise when looking to convert plan participants into private wealth clients.

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Advisors Need Data-Driven Solutions To Succeed In The Retirement Plan Business

For many financial advisors, working with retirement plans can offer a new client pipeline for the wealth management side of their business. As individuals depart from their employer-sponsored plans, they may opt to continue working with the advisor for personal investment management and retirement planning advice. Unfortunately, the retirement plan industry’s fragmented approach to storing and sharing participant data can derail this.

Via Financial Advisor Magazine

Opportunities for Advisors Adopting New Communication Technologies

A new study suggests that advisors could do more to effectively reach their target audience. According to the survey, advisors are largely relying on – or limiting their practices to using – the “traditional” methods of communication with their clients, such as in-person meetings and phone calls.  Technology, including texting and video calls, will become more widely used among financial advisors as they experience increasing demand from clients to leverage the technology.

Via National Association of Plan Advisors

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