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29th Jan 2018

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Many Lawyers Are Going to Become Very Rich Thanks to the New Tax Law

The opportunities for lawyers to earn a great deal of money are tremendous. One reason for lawyers to earn a large income is the new Tax Reform & Jobs Act. Tax attorneys will likely benefit the most as a large percentage of high income self employed individuals and owners of small businesses will need more of their time to understand how the new tax code impacts them.

Via Forbes

What to Look for in a New Third-Party Service Provider

Here are some tips for wealth managers and RIAs to keep in mind when considering prospective third-party service providers.

Via Wealth Management

Forget Your 401(k): Try This Brilliant Retirement Strategy Used by the Rich

What if there was a retirement strategy that would allow business owners to supercharge their retirement? Well, there is. It is called a cash balance plan and it has been used by wealthy business owners for years. If you’re interested in learning more about how Cash Balance plans can help your clients contact us any time.

Via Inc.com

5 Questions To Ask Your Estate Planner After The New Tax Law

Even if your estate plan won’t be affected by the new tax law, it’s smart to confer with your estate planner periodically to be certain your current wishes are reflected in your estate planning documents.

Via The Wealth Advisor

Keeping the Family Tree Alive

For venerable old families, their strength often lies in their hereditary wealth, in its varied forms of businesses, partnerships and foundations. But the strategies they use to stay together can be adopted by any family, whether or not money is at stake.

Via New York Times


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