Turning What You (and your CPAs) Know About DB Plans on its Head

20th Nov 2014

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upsidedownWe published a new article this month for your use in working with CPAs. It discusses how defined benefit plans have improved in ways that make them the retirement plan of choice for independent professionals, small business owners and high income self-employed clients (HISE individuals).

Why send your CPAs this article?

CPAs area great source of referrals, but they may not be actively identifying tax-sensitive high-income clients for year-end tax planning. You can help them educate their clients by having conversations about DB Plans NOW, as their clients can still lock in 2014 tax savings by setting up a plan before year-end.

If you or your CPA’s client or prospect is interested in reducing tax liability this year, you can run an estimate online to see which small business retirement plan would be best for each one.

What you should do next:

Download our Article “Turning What You Know About Defined Benefit Plans on Its Head”.

Email it to CPAs to share with clients who want to save more for retirement and reduce their taxes.

Follow up with CPAs and send them brochures or other marketing materials that they can use with clients who want to learn more.


Call 1-866-269-2706 to discuss specific client situations. We can run custom illustrations for you at no charge.

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