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Soften the 2014 Tax Payment Blow with a Dose of 2015 Relief!

28th Apr 2015

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Tax Relief in 2015 with DB Plans

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Each year at tax time we hear from prosperous small business owners and the high income self-employed who have been knocked out by the amount they owe in taxes. On the one hand, they can’t complain because business was very good in 2014; on the other, it hurts to write a check to the IRS for another $40,000 – $100,000!

These calls are music to our ears, because we can help many of them make April 15, 2015 a much more pleasant experience with our qualified plans.

You can ease the pain of big annual tax payments, too: Raise client awareness of DB Plans in two simple steps:

  • E-mail Defined Benefit Client Highlightsto five of your high income clients with self-employment income today, while they are still feeling a bit ill from 2014 tax liabilities.
    • If the defined benefit plan is not right for them, we can help you to identify the most appropriate retirement plan.
  • Follow up with the Basics of Defined Benefit Plans Whitepaper. Download and save the whitepaper, then insert your contact information and email it out.
    • The paper gives concrete examples of how a defined benefit plan can save clients significant sums.
    • DB Plans offer by far the largest allowable deductible contributions to an IRS approved retirement plan.

Small business people do not often turn to government for relief, but when it comes to retirement the tax code offers a huge advantage to self-employed with high incomes through defined benefit plans. Provide 2015 tax relief right now with our quick client tutorial on DB Plans.

As soon as your client expresses interest, give us a call at 866-269-2706.

We will work with you, handle all of the technical details, and help you bring the sale to a close.

  • You remain at the center of the relationship and will typically gain another $100,000+ per year per client of new money to invest.
  • These micro defined benefit plans allow qualified clients to accumulate an additional $1 Million – $2.5 Million in the next 5-10 years for you to manage.

If you are not yet familiar with micro defined benefit plans, try a sample client right now to see how the DB plan really works.

Make 2015 the year you become a tax-savings-hero to your clients!

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