Secrets of the Self-made

22nd Mar 2018

A round-up of articles on self-made millionaires and their journey to success. Check out our Client of the Week section for high-income people who opened Defined Benefit Plans to save on taxes and build wealth.

Regular People Explain How They Became Millionaires in Their 30s

Two millennials who achieved millionaire status share their wisdom on what it took to get there by their 30s.

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Self-made millionaire Barbara Corcoran: I Always Fly Economy Because I’m ‘Too Cheap’

Real estate mogul and self-made millionaire Barbara Corcoran, a celebrity on ABC’s “Shark Tank” might have more than enough money to afford first class, but the budget-conscious entrepreneur reveals she still flies coach if she has to pay for the flight. “I always fly economy if I’m paying the tab, because I’m too cheap to spring for an expensive ticket,” Corcoran says.


Author Who Studies Millionaires: How to Get Rich and Then Stay Rich

Author Tom Corley, an internationally recognized authority on habits and wealth creation, says the key to becoming rich is to or becoming financially independent boils down to a two-step process: Accumulate wealth and keep the wealth you’ve accumulated.


Top 10 Self-Made Women Billionaires

While most of the richest women featured in Forbes’ list inherited their fortune, dozens of these women business magnates were self-made. This year was particularly positive for women billionaires, who numbered at 256 out of a total of 2208 entries -an all-time high. Seventy-two female billionaires were self-made, up from 56 last year.

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From Refugee to Real Estate Mogul: How Tahani Aburaneh Became a Self-made Millionaire

Tahani Aburaneh is a real-estate mogul and entrepreneur who has founded five companies, including a development company, an investment company, and an educational initiative called Tahani International. When she looks back at her humble beginnings and her journey to success, she can’t believe it herself.

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Yellen Leaves Door Open to Tax Increase on Wealthy via @thinkadvisor #wealthmanagement #taxrates #taxpolicy

6:48 PM 22 January 2021

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The Small Business Administration is stepping up its efforts to help women entrepreneurs via @inc #womeninbusiness

10:30 PM 21 January 2021

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Meet The Rebel Financial Firm Helping Investors Save On Taxes via Forbes #taxsavings #wealthmanagement

9:40 PM 21 January 2021

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2021 IRS Income Tax Season to Start February 12, 2021 via @cpapracadvisor #taxseason #IRS #taxes

8:35 PM 21 January 2021

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Here's an overview of Biden's estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer tax plan via @wealthmanagement

7:08 PM 21 January 2021

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3 Tax Numbers Employees Need To Know In 2021 via @forbes #taxes #taxplanning #retirementplanning

10:30 PM 20 January 2021

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