You’re Being Safe. But Are You Prepared For Retirement?

23rd Apr 2020


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For over 19 years, we’ve helped physicians maximize contributions and tax savings.

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Defined Benefit or Cash Balance retirement plans can potentially reduce taxable income by $100,000 or more while adding $1-2 million to retirement savings. With Dedicated DB’s quick setup process, you can lock in 2020 tax savings & build retirement wealth by setting up a high-contribution retirement plan.

Anesthesiologist Triples Retirement Savings

An anesthesiologist, age 59, who was working as part of a group of 15 other anesthesiologists at a medical center in California, decided to become an independent physician for one reason: to make up for lost time in saving for retirement.

Under the company’s 401(k) plan, the anesthesiologist was limited to $59,000 in retirement plan savings last year no matter how much she earned. The physician, who is now an independent contractor, opened a…(Continue reading).

Defined Benefit Plans for Physicians, Dentists and Small Medical Practices



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