Wherever You Live, These Clients Abound

19th Jun 2017

Help These Clients Hold On To More 

If you have any successful, self-employed clients, most likely someone in your client base fits the bill for defined benefit (DB) or cash balance (CB) plans — no matter where you live and work. These retirement plans offer high income individuals and small business owners high impact solutions to save on taxes and build retirement wealth quickly.

Here are three professions we frequently serve that benefit from the tax savings of defined benefit and cash balance plans. Do you have clients like these?

  1. board of directorsIndependent Board Directors
    Do you work in an area where there are corporations with independent board members? If so, these individuals often earn several hundred thousand dollars in “side income” and are great candidates for DB plans. Board directors who earn $200,000+ in “side income” often contribute to SEPs, but max out at $54,000. See how much they can put aside with a DB plan and note special considerations for board directors.

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  2. farmerFarmers
    Are you located in America’s Heartland or in a region that is largely agricultural? Farmers often invest in equipment to take advantage of tax deductions but lag in retirement savings. Our plans help farmers accelerate their retirement wealth and take advantage of large tax deferrals. Special considerations can make these plans work for farmers.

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  3. physicianPhysicians
    Wherever you are in the U.S., physicians are part of your community. Defined benefit and cash balance plans for independent physicians and small medical practices provide the largest annual contributions to retirement plans allowable by the IRS. Learn more about special considerations for physicians.

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Run our Instant Retirement Plan calculator to see how much Your Client could save on taxes and add to retirement wealth.



Follow Our 5-Step Sales Plan:

  1. Prospect for DB Clients: We can help you identify additional prospects among your clients and in your community.
  2. Begin the Conversation: Make your case with the right sales tools: sample letters, presentations, brochures.
  3. Present a Proposal: Use our Defined Benefit Calculator to estimate the maximum annual contribution, tax savings, and total benefit at retirement.  The tax savings will say it all.
  4. Contact Dedicated DB: Our defined benefit specialists can help close the sale.
  5. Gather Assets: Open plans now for 2017 tax savings. Gather up to 50% of the contribution right away.


Dedicated Defined Benefit Services provides ongoing sales support and administrative services. We are investment neutral and do not charge asset-based fees. We are here to help.

You provide the investments and money management.

PHONE: 866-279-2706




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