Updated Plan Calculator for Tax-advantaged Investments

30th Mar 2018

Calculate Savings for Your High Income Clients & Prospects

– Updated for 2018

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Quickly estimate retirement plan deductions personalized for your clients.  


This year, more than ever, high-income clients will need help PRIOR TO YEAR-END with tax-advantaged investing. Recent tax law changes reduce tax rates but eliminate many deductions and set complicated formulas for pass-through income deductions. One thing hasn’t changed: Defined Benefit and Cash Balance plans still provide the largest deductible contributions approved by the IRS. Help your clients hold on to more of their income which they then can invest with you.

We’ve updated our online calculator .It takes 2 minutes and allows you to compare SIMPLE, SEP-IRA, 401(k) and Defined Benefit plans for solo practitioners, mom & pops, consultants and physicians. You might double or triple your clients’ retirement plan contributions and make them eternally grateful.

Enter your client’s age, income, & entity type.

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OnePersonPlus is a Defined Benefit Retirement Plan that allows deductible contributions of $100,000+ annually for qualified Professionals, Consultants, Small Business Owners and Individuals with Self-employment Income.



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