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21st Mar 2016

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2016 Client Highlights, Whitepaper & Updated Calculator

Offer high income prospects and clients the potential to reduce 2016 tax liabilities by $50,000, $80,000, or more by making large deductible contributions to an IRS-approved defined benefit plan. Generally, these contributions are new assets for you to manage.

Dedicated DB gives you the training, support and confidence to open DB plans.
Use these 3 tools to catch the attention of prospects and clients. Or, visit our Sales and Marketing page for more sales tools

1 Client Highlights— A one-page overview to start the conversation with clients and prospects about a defined benefit plan. >OnePersonPlus Program Highlights
2 Defined Benefit Basics Whitepaper — If you or your clients want a deeper understanding of how Defined Benefit plans work, download this whitepaper, add your contact info, and email to suitable DB prospects. Defined Benefit Plan White paper
3 Online Calculator — Quickly estimate the 2016 contribution limits and tax savings personalized for your prospects and clients. Compare SEP IRA, SIMPLE, 401(k) Profit Sharing and Defined Benefit plans. Try it now! Proposal Image

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OnePersonPlus is a Defined Benefit Retirement Plan that has the potential to allow annual deductible contributions of $100,000+ for qualified Professionals, Consultants, Small Business Owners and Individuals with Self-employment Income.

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Estimate contribution and deduction with our DB calculator Try it now