Trendline: RIAs, CFPs, and CPAs Open Qualified Plans for Themselves

23rd Feb 2018

Dedicated Defined Benefit Services, an Ascensus Company

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Dedicated DB has helped more than 2,500 financial advisors open retirement plans for their high-income clients. And, when their own businesses thrive, many of then turn to us to open their own high-contribution plan. In fact, last year more than 40 CPAs, CFPs, Investment Advisors and Insurance Agents chose to start plans for themselves with Dedicated DB.

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Partners Have Different Objectives

Two Investment Advisors near Chicago have an S-corp. with no additional employees. In the past 4 years, they’ve opened 5 DB plans for clients. Now, they have the cashflow to open a plan for themselves. Though they took low W-2 income in 2017 of only $40,000 and $30,000, that was sufficient for us to design a Cash Balance plan to add to their existing 401(k)/profit sharing plan. One partner will contribute $80,000 annually but the younger partner will only contribute $1300. For 2017, they saved $30,000 in tax liability.


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Married Couple Reduces AGI

A 40-year-old New Jersey insurance agent and his wife, increased their W-2 income in 2017 to $355,000 to maximize contributions to a Defined Benefit plan. They will contribute $160,000 to a Defined Benefit plan bringing their AGI down below $200,000, thus qualifying them for the pass-through entity deduction.


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RIA Maximizes Retirement Savings  

A 58-year-old RIA referred to us through TD Ameritrade pays himself only $55,000 in W-2 but will be contributing $112,000 to a combined Defined Benefit and 401(k)/profit sharing plan. As the only employee, the total contribution is for himself!


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Compliance Advisor Deducts $224,000

An OSJ, sole proprietor, provides compliance services for over 200 FAs. His net profit averages $400,000 each year. In 2017, we designed a Defined Benefit plan combined with a solo 401(k) giving him a total tax-deducible contribution of $224,000.


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Financial Advisory Saves Now, Saves More Later

A Certified Financial Planner and her husband, a CPA, have a financial advisory practice in Virginia with 5 employees. They’ve opened Defined Benefit plans for 3 clients with Dedicated DB and appreciate how we work together to service our mutual clients. That’s why she turned to us to open a plan for her own company. In January, we started a 401(k) and they will add a Cash Balance plan later this year or next. It’s great to help financial planners plan for their own businesses, too!



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Advisor Starts Now

An LPL advisor, age 54, who operates his own one-man RIA wants to increase his penetration of high income business owners. He researched defined benefit plans for a client last year, liked what he saw so much, he decided to open one for himself this January. His high S-Corp income allows him to comfortably contribute at least $100k. If he has a great year, we can adjust the contribution.



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