The deadline for DB Plans was extended. Now what?

12th Jan 2021

Let's make this month PLANuary


You have a unique opportunity this January. Because of the SECURE Act, the deadline for a small business to establish a Defined Benefit plan or Cash Balance plan has been extended to the due date of the business’s tax filing (including extensions) for the applicable tax year.

For instance an S-Corp with a March 15, 2021 tax filing deadline, could potentially establish a Defined Benefit plan by this deadline and fund contributions for the 2020 plan year. But effective plan design takes time, so start the process now! Here are the 5 steps, to get the plan design right:

Five Steps to Get the Plan Design Right

We make the process easy. Our Plan Design Consultants are always available for a short call, since every client is unique (even weekends too by appointment).

By helping your high-income clients open a high-contribution retirement plan, you could easily and efficiently increase the investment dollars you manage each year. Depending on the situation, business owners may be able to save millions for retirement in just 10 years.



The SECURE ACT extended the deadline.
THERE’S STILL TIME to open plans for 2020.

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